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Producing Red Tractor assured beef and poultry across our farms in West Suffolk

Suffolk Beef

Beef boxes with selection of cuts, steaks and mince


Our beef boxes contain your favourite cuts of 100% grass fed beef, perfect for stocking up the freezer with delicious and nutritious food.
All our livestock is reared on the ancient parkland of the Rougham Estate, Bury St. Edmunds.

Home Farm free range turkeys and geese can be pre-ordered all year round, and can be collected or delivered locally just before Christmas.
Our slow growing Traditional Free Range Bronze Turkeys and Geese forage during daylight hours outside in ancient parkland of the Rougham Estate. At night, they are closed in naturally ventilated barns with plenty of space to roam and express natural behaviour.

Home Farm Free Range Turkey

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Home Farm Free Range Goose

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Home Farm Beef Selection Boxes

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Beef Joints

Red Tractor Assurance

As a Red Tractor Assured farm we take great care to produce livestock and crops which meet the expectations of the most comprehensive farm and food standards in the world. By purchasing Red Tractor you are supporting British farmers and food producers and choosing a World leading food safety standard for you and your family.

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